High-Quality Aluminium Stainless Steel Handrails, Balustrades in CBD, Sydney


Handrails and balustrades together play a very important role in providing safety to people in a building structure preventing people from falling off a structure. However, increasingly balustrades are being used as architectural features that add to the beauty of the house. Balustrades are available in various designs, materials and shapes that can be chosen according to the structure under consideration.


New Era Balustrading is a leader in offering stainless steel balustrades in the Sydney CBD. We design, manufacture and install all kinds of balustrades depending on your style. We are pioneers in designing and installing stainless steel balustrades in Sydney CBD properties for balconies, staircases, hotels, schools, public places, decks and marine crafts.


We are a company that provides a full-service supplying everything related to hand railing and balustrades. We are committed to creating quality balustrades that meet various lifestyles and architectural needs. We have specialised tools and equipment required for precisely cutting, bending, welding and assembling different metals. This technology and skills enable us to handle all kinds of jobs right from simple handrails to balustrades in multi storey buildings. We also work with leading builders, staircase manufacturers, pool companies, etc. to enable them to offer comprehensive products to their clients.


The fact that numerous aluminium handrails in the Sydney CBD have been supplied by New Era Balustrading says a lot about exceptional design and service levels offered by us. We ensure that we comply with all legal regulations necessary for residential or commercial buildings while installing aluminium balustrades in Sydney CBD. All our aluminium products are corrosion resistant made using high-quality metal.


In case you are looking for installing any kind of balustrading or railings to your property, contact us now. Our experts will guide you through the entire process and help you build an elegant balustrade in stipulated time and budget.