Quality services for Brass, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Made Balustrades & Handrails in Southern Suburbs


Australia has a wonderful landscape with beautiful houses and buildings in cities as well as the countryside. We at New Era Balustrading help the houses look even better by supplying various types of Balustrades in accordance with the house or building design. We are leaders in the design, construction and installation of glass, brass and aluminium balustrades, pool balustrades and railings for both commercial as well as residential properties.


If you want to install brass handrails in the Southern Suburbs, you should definitely contact New Era Balustrading. Our trained service personnel can help you decide what design of handrail suits the balustrades and the building design and then install selected brass balustrades in your Southern Suburbs home. We have all necessary equipment necessary to shape brass to the desired design.


We are leaders in designing stainless steel handrails around the Southern Suburbs. We have installed a large number of stainless-steel handrails and stainless balustrades in many Southern Suburbs homes. We have built a strong reputation as a leading company in the industry due to our unique designs and patterns. We have designed and supplied hand railings and balustrades for various public properties, pools, walkways, stairs and prominent buildings thereby shaping the landscape of towns. We see to it that all our installations are safe and can withstand the elements such as high wind speed.


New Era Balustrading is increasingly supplying elegant designs that reflect modern trends in the form of aluminium handrails popular in the Southern Suburbs. We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance-free aluminium balustrades in different shades that match the colour scheme of your buildings.


Right from a small handrail to large balustrading for multi storey buildings, we offer customised designs and exceptional service. Contact us now for more information.